Frequently Asked Questions

Do you shoot film or digital?
I use a Nikon Full Frame D3s digital body and an array of lenses, some for distance, portrait and close-ups. 

How do you conduct yourself at weddings? What is your approach?
I try and be as unobtrusive as possible at weddings. I keep my interaction with the bride and groom to a minimum. The only time I am giving directions is for the group shots.

What is your style?
My style is my own. Take a look around my website and judge for yourself. I shoot constantly so if you like what you see then I’m a good choice for you.

How long until we get the pictures?
Approx. 3 Weeks.

How much extra is it to have you come to, say, Ireland/Scotland/Wales?
Not much at all (particularly if we can book the flights/trains far in advance), I love to travel, put me on a plane or train and cover my accommodation for 2 nights and I'm there.

Colour or Black & White?
I'll provide colour and black & white versions of all the final images - some images will suit one format and vice versa.

Do you shoot group shots and how long do they take?
Yes I do! It helps if you can provide a list of the family/friends you would like included and I'll ensure there is time set aside for them. Usually formals take between 30-45 minutes.